Saying yes to life is a big part of who I am, both personally and professionally.

I have said yes to buggy rides, rescuing animals, jazz, yachting, becoming a dance teacher, cooking classes, vinyl, surfing, paragliding, twerking, cigars, snowboarding, sleeping in an igloo, night safari in Africa - to name a few.

I am a proud Ukranian, who has said yes to many countries around the world, for business and pleasure. And every time I say “yes”, I do it with an accent, which some people find adorable.

After working in an agency as a copywriter, I said yes to becoming a strategist. My background as a creative helps me understand which strategies lead to more creative work and it also reminds me to keep “speaking human”, not only marketing vernacular.

I believe that saying yes helps me get into other people's shoes and understand my audience, achieving the best human-centered insights. And being in tune with the consumer is the best way to improve a client’s business.

Here you can find some of the times I have said yes to a strategic puzzle, and the solutions me and my team created.