I said yes to helping social organization


Live Out Loud is a organization that helps LGBT youth.


Create an awareness campaign. 


Coming out and being LGBT is treated as a tense and dramatic topic in society. Only 19% of people react positively to someone'sā€™ coming out*.

Target audience

The typical journey of a young person that is coming out consists of coming out first to themselves, then to friends, to family, and ultimately come out everyday. The part when they come out to themselves is personal and introspective, and we feel that it is more helpful to guide our campaign towards the other people around, that react to the coming out. 


When an LGBT person comes out drama is not created by the person itself, but by the people around. 

Strategic concept 

Smooth the drama from surrounding people in the process of coming out and being LGBT.

Creative idea

Chill Pill 

A product that allows LGBT teens or anyone involved to send a simple message: just calm down everybody, take a Chill Pill. It will be available for purchase online, generating income for the cause.  The buyer will be able to send the pill and a custom letter directly to the person they want to chill directly or anonymously. 


Strategist: Olga Kokoshko AD: Alex Krahling and Frank Tamakloe CW: Nellie Sante