I said yes to creating innovation


To create the educational idea that will matter in 10 years while honoring Pearson’s values, that are to be brave, imaginative, decent and accountable.


Because there is a great range of possibilities to get educated, long term or short term, online or offline, to get a profession or to get a hobby, the society today is more educated than ever.


When it comes to technology, people tend to be in one of two groups: the believers and the atheists. The believers consume every new knowledge and like to communicate through the gadgets, while the atheists tend to prefer real life experiences. 

When it comes to learning, believers enjoy looking for every information on the internet, and Atheists give more value from personal teachings. In 10 years, as technology advances, the differences between them will also advance. 

We decided to connect Atheists and Believers and remind them: the most valuable knowledge is the one we get from close people, because it affects our personalities.


Google can not give you the knowledge your mom/friend/grandad give.


This information is the hardest one to access. People are lazy and prefer to search through the internet than to go after personal answers.


Life Search

Life Search will create a searchable database of real life experiences and personal information obtained through people’s interactions, using audio, video, notes, photos, social media and everything that will be accessible in 10 years. Next time you Google something first three answers would be from people you care about.


Emotionally it connects believers and atheists of technology because it will make the p2p information easier to find.

Strategist: Olga Kokoshko AD: Alex Krahling and Frank Tamakloe CW: Nellie Sante