I said yes to saving the brand’s leadership


Tostitos is at the top of the U.S salsa market*.


Craft products are lowering Tostitos share of the market*.


To become a lovemark.


Create a friendly sub-brand with a new recipe .

Cultural aspects

— There is no universal salsa recipe. Every household has their own unique ingredients*.

— Consumers don’t want brands telling them what to do*.

— They prefer to participate and be heard. The need to be engaged increased Reality TV viewership by 8% since last year*.

Consumer segments

Cooking monsters —love salsa more than anything. They add salsa to every dish.

Lazy chillers — don’t know how to cook, but like to express their opinion about food. ⅓ of americans, who don't know how to cook*. They’ll only eat salsa with nachos.

Consumer Insights

Cooking monsters — “I’ve tried my neighbor’s salsa and it was a piece of shit! My salsa is the best”.

Lazy chillers —“Maybe I don’t know how to cook, but I know what’s delicious. If I choose it, I'll stick to my opinion”.

Strategic concept

To create the national salsa with our consumer, by collecting the best cooking monsters recipes and allowing the lazy chillers choose universally-loved salsa.

Creative idea

Spill the sauce.


Cooking shows (use existing or create a new one).                                                  

Street markets (a place for trying salsa finalists).

The news (as a free media).

Social media activities (involving more people in the decision-making process).

Super bowl (for announcing a salsa winner).

*Statista, Pinterest, Euromonitor, FX Networks Research, Huffington Post

Strategist: Olga Kokoshko AD: Amanda Von Lohrman and Cheyna Holmes CW: Brenda Fernandez