I said yes to create strategy for strategists


To make Think With Google an essential part of the planning process in US agencies.


While people go to Google for answers all the time, marketers do not.


To make Think With Google a must have research source. 


TNS, Nielsen, Euromonitor, Pew, MRI…

Put people into the situation of buying, choosing, trying, discussing products.

Primary audience

Planners in agencies are people with “insightomania” - always looking for the next insight. They also think that they are different from the consumers they work with, but I believe they are very similar.

Secondary audience

The consumers that marketers are obsessed with. Consumer today know about marketing more than ever and understand that brands try to communicate.

People lie about 200 times a day*


People lie when they know they are being observed.

Strategic concept 

Think With Google knows how people are without the bullshit. Even if this people are the marketers themselves.


Think With Google uses online naturalistic observation.

Creative idea

Uncover people as they are.


Cannes Lions festival — highest concentration of marketers that make a lot of buzz.

Billboards in front of 3 top agencies in different cities — gives wow-effect and free media potential.

Websites — Ads of the world, AdWeek and Adage are trustful resources.

LinkedIn — gives a chance to target marketers.

*University of Southern California

Strategist: Olga Kokoshko AD: Amanda Von Lohrman and Cheyna Holmes CW: Brenda Fernandez